August 22
Jordan Laws Press

Inside The Actors Studio Remix Goes Viral!

Screenwerks pop culture professor Jordan Laws has made another video "hit" with his latest creation, 'Actors Studio Remixed: 10 Questions.' The remix made its rounds online and eventually wound up on the Today Show. When weather man Al Roker was asked "what is your least favorite word?" He simply replied "bad weather." Even actor Tom Cruise who was featured in the remix couldn't resist and tweeted about it.            

December 16
Costik Jay E Press

"Deviled Egg Nog Mixmas"

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November 24
Jay E Press

Abcdr du Son Interview

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October 18
Jordan Laws Party Photos Press

Producers Guild Of America - "Digital 25" 2011

Our very own Jordan Laws was privileged enough to DJ the event alongside Illeana Douglas throughout the night. Check out the gallery of the event below by clicking the image:

From left to right: Shawn Gold, Illeana Douglas, Marc Scarpa, DJ Jordan Laws

August 17
Jordan Laws Press

Movie Line Rhymes

Already gaining recognition from these guys!