Immersed in audio/video mixing long before the technology was widely available, Jordan Laws is seen an as innovator of the art form, a true creative force. His signature content is brilliant and electrifying, leaving viewers with the impression that Laws is uniquely talented and pop-culture obsessed.

Watching his work live in a nightclub or sitting in front of your computer screen, one is immersed in cutting-edge music and iconic references from television, movies and internet, all sliced together with precision and technical skill. Whether its Stewie Griffin beat boxing over Three 6 Mafia, Jersey Shore over Prodigy, or clips from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Laws’ WERK is widely acclaimed as pioneering in the field of rhythmic video production and performance. With his passion for music and intent for entertainment, this New York City native began his days of DJ’ing amongst his peers in high school long before wowing crowds, clubs and celebrities.

A former engineer with legendary hip-hop producer DJ Premier, Laws has amazed the likes of socialites Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton, athletes like Shawn White & Dwayne Wade, and musicians like Christina Aguilera and Rick Ross. Laws has been the featured Video DJ for Major League Baseball, Converse Sneakers, and Stolichnaya Russian Vodka–just to name a few. Now based in Las Vegas, home of the cutting-edge nightclub scene, Laws is bringing his razor-sharp skills and groundbreaking vision to a wide, appreciative audience.

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