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Shecky Green

Executive Producer

ScreenWerks is a collective of the finest Video DJs in the United States.

Combining a passion for music, an eye for good visuals and a dedicated mastery of the latest hardware and software. ScreenWerks takes pride in advancing the art form of Video DJing and Dynamic Media production.

Latest News

August 22Jordan Laws Press
Inside The Actors Studio Remix Goes Viral! Screenwerks pop culture professor Jordan Laws has made another video “hit” with his latest creation, ‘Actors Studio Remixed: 10 Questions.’ The remix made its rounds online and eventually wound up on the Today Show. When weather man Al Roker was asked “what is your least favorite word?” He simply replied “bad weather.” Even actor Tom Cruise who was featured in the remix couldn’t resist and tweeted about it.            
Deviled Egg Nog
December 16Costik Jay E Press
“Deviled Egg Nog Mixmas” What an amazing few days it’s been since Jay E and Costik released the “Deviled Egg Nog Mixmas”. Already there has been a tremendous amount of feedback and love from numerous notable blogs, magazines, and TV stations.
Jay E Logo
November 24Jay E Press
Abcdr du Son Interview Check out the Jay E interview by Abcdr du Son, a leading web rap magazine in France, about the man behind Nelly’s first albums.
November 182ndNature
DJ Times VJ Update: Oct 2011 – 2nd Nature @ DJ Expo Last month I was featured in DJ Times for my set at the International DJ Expo in Atlantic City for Pioneer. It was an honor to play along side DJs Qbert, Skribble, and BT. Can’t wait for next year. DJ Times//
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